Friday, November 22, 2013

Apple Launches Life on iPad & Gives Consumers A Unique Look At The Tablet

Apple’s newest web page gives consumers some insight into the many ways that the iPad can be utilized in everyday life. It features stories that explain how people around the world use iPad to help them in their careers, from Broadway to underwater photo taking.
The page contains 6 stories in all, and each of them is remarkably different from the last one. All 6 of the stories explain a unique usage that particular businesses or individuals have found to utilize iPad in their daily routine.

Siemens Energy is one of the leaders in wind energy technology, and the story of Siemens and iPad working together to bring power to America is pretty amazing. The story explains how workers on Siemens’ massive projects would often need manuals and blueprints brought 250 feet up into the air via crane in order to get the information they needed to complete the project.
However, with iPad that all changed. Now, the information is right at their fingertips, with apps, email, and hard drive storage for all of the blueprints and documents they once had to carry.

This is just one of the stories found on the Life on iPad page on Apple’s website. Check the rest of them out, and prepare to be amazed at just how versatile these little tablets can be.