Friday, November 29, 2013

Apple News: Black Friday Deals In U.S. & Canada

Apple Inc. is offering Black Friday deals in the U.S. and Canada that mimic the deals offered in Australia. The company will be giving customers gift cards to spend in the Apple Store rather than offering huge discounts on products like the iPad Mini with Retina Display. While this may be a disappointment to some shoppers, it is a smart move by Apple.

In Europe, Apple opted for more traditional discounts rather than giving gift cards. According to Apple Insider, customers wishing to see direct cash savings on new Apple products should try authorized resellers like MacMall, Best Buy, and Amazon.

In regards to Apple’s deals offered via its gift card program, the U.S. package looks to be pretty good. The iPad Air will land you a $75 gift card to the Apple Store, and the standard iPad Mini or iPad 2 will net a $50 card. A MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac earns a $150 gift card. iPod Touch snags $50 and the iPod nano and Apple TV will get you a $25 gift card. Unfortunately the iPhone does not qualify for any rebates or discounts this year.

This swap from the normal discount programs is most likely a push for the company to retain its profit margins. Giving the gift cards will help customers grab more loot from the Apple Store than they normally would, but it doesn’t help reduce the bottom line of what they have to spend.