Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Apple Watch Out! Here Come The Windows Tablets!

Apple had better watch out for the up and coming convertible tablets offered by its competitors. Companies like Microsoft and Nokia have launched tablets that are operable through both a touchscreen and an attachable keyboard.

While Apple has poked fun at these tablets, claiming that combing a tablet and a PC in one unit is like combining a refrigerator and a toaster; it appears that the Cupertino company may have more competition than expected from them.

NPD DisplaySearch

According to research conducted by NPD DisplaySearch, the tablet market is forecast to see 19.8 million touchscreen notebook PCs shipped this year. This number is equal to about 11 percent of the overall number of tablets shipped in 2013.

The number of notebooks being shipped has also grown throughout the year. In the first half of the year, these miniature PCs controlled only a 7 percent market share. The tablet makers have been adding the touchscreen feature to their “ultra-slim” PC units, and allowing consumers the ability to use it as either a tablet or a computer.

Which Brands Control The Tablet Market

The one manufacturer that has really embraced the touchscreen technology is ASUS, with one fifth of its laptops now operating with touchscreen capabilities. Sony has followed close behind with 17.6 percent of its notebooks utilizing the technology.

In terms of market share, ASUS holds the largest piece of the pie at 26.3 percent. However, Lenovo, which uses touchscreens in only 7.4 percent of the laptops shipped, has a 14.7 percent share in the market.

Apple Refuses To Conform

Apple seems to be the only renegade company on the market. Tim Cook has firmly announced that Apple will be keeping its iPad and iMac lineup separate from each other. Apparently, Apple executives feel that if a consumer wants a tablet, they should buy a tablet, and if they want a laptop, then they should buy a laptop.