Friday, December 6, 2013

iPad Mini With Retina Display Still Not Available In Carrier Stores

Apple is still maintaining a tight grip on its supply of iPad Minis with Retina Display. The much coveted device is still not available in carrier stores, and this could be because the Cupertino company does not feel its supply chain is strong enough to maintain the demand in carrier stores, as well as in Apple’s own direct customer base.

As of this morning (Friday, December 6), Verizon still has the iPad Mini with Retina Display backordered all the way out till December 16th. AT&T is not looking any better with its 21-28 day waiting period when the tablet is ordered online. Neither of the carriers has offered any information as to when the iPad Mini with Retina Display would actually be in their brick and mortar stores, according to CNET. T-Mobile has not yet given a date as to when the iPad Mini with Retina Display would be available. The company’s website simply says that it will be “available for shipment soon.” Apple’s direct availability of the tablet has seemed to improve in recent days, as the waiting period is now listed as 5-7 days, rather than the 5-10 days that had been listed last week.

The cellular models of the iPad Mini with Retina Display are now available for walk in purchases in some Apple retail stores in the U.S., although Verizon and AT&T still do not have the tablet.

Apple’s launch of the iPad Mini with Retina Display was uncharacteristically quiet, with the tablet being launched on the company’s website at midnight, and with no public announcement. This is probably due to supply constraints, which do indeed seem to be plaguing the carriers. The new iPad Mini with Retina Display is one of the most sought after holiday gift items this year.

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