Monday, December 31, 2012

Into The Sun

My new e-book, Into The Sun, is now available through Amazon. If you like a good action story, coupled with mystery and crime, then this book is perfect for you.
 There is a special for New Year's Day and the day after that will allow you to download the Kindle version for free. I have included an excerpt of the book below:

 "Oh, it's ok," Lane said, his manners coming back to him, along with his composure. He began studying the young girl, sizing her up. She definitely wasn't a trucker, no way a pretty face like that sat behind the wheel for a living. However, she didn't quite look like a lot lizard either. Lot lizard being the nickname truckers gave to the hookers who often roamed these mom and pop places plying their trade.
 "You say you need to get all the way to Houston?"
 "Yes sir. My car blew its motor here yesterday, and I am just trying to get back home."
 "What are you doing way over here in San Antone? Why you're over 200 miles from Houston!"
 "Well, I took a job in Phoenix, and I have been there for 7 months. Anyway, I met this guy shortly after I moved there, and we kind of hit it off. Everything went well for a while, but then I felt like things were not going to work out. He drinks a lot, and he started to get angry over something to do with his business. I'm really not sure what he does, he never would tell me, but whatever it is, it was stressing him out." She seemed ready to tear up at the thought of this memory, but she kept speaking.
 "One day, he came in drunk and he hit me. I told him we were through, and that I didn't want to see him any more. I thought that would take care of things. I left and went back to my place. However, he showed up at my work the next day, and told me that if he couldn't have me, then nobody could, and that he would kill me if I didn't come back to him. I was afraid, so I quit my job, and got in my car and left. I made it here before my car finally died, and I don't have the money for a new one. I just want to get back to Houston, where he can't get at me again." Now she was crying, with tears streaming down her pretty face and dripping off her chin.

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