Thursday, January 17, 2013

Facebook Updates an App to Assist Mobile Users

Since going public last May, Facebook has been making an effort to assure its investors that it can keep up in today’s evolving market, where users are turning to mobile devices like Apple’s iPad and iPhone. To keep in harmony with that goal, Facebook has added a recording feature to its Messenger mobile app, allowing mobile users to message each other voice messages without using their voice minutes. If you've downloaded the new update you can tap the + button next to the box where you input a message, then tap Record, speak your message and then send it off.

And that is not all. In addition to the recorded message options, iPhone users in Canada are able to make voice calls via Facebook's mobile app. Users can tap the ‘i’ button in the app and hit ‘Free Call’ to call a contact. The feature uses existing data plans to record messages and make calls. If you use Wi-Fi it’s even less expensive because it doesn’t eat into your minutes.

According to market analysts, industry metrics indicate that people tend to stay in Facebook longer than almost any other Internet-based application. Having to leave Facebook to call someone can be distracting – not cool in a digital world.  So the next natural step is to use that mobile device for what it is designed to do, call people.

As the saying goes, “There is an app for everything,” and apps that assist mobile users to stay connected with fewer interruptions are sure to be popular.

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