Thursday, January 17, 2013

One if by land! Two if by…. iPad?

House Speaker John Boehner survived the revolution of the Republican led house. As the debate raged, Louisiana Rep. Jeff Landry bragged to Breitbart news that the anti-Boehner ranks were 17 to 20 members strong.  As it turned out, only nine voted against their speaker, while two didn't vote, and one voted present.  However, all of D.C. knows which House members were out to dethrone Boehner.  This is because of a list that one of the coup's leaders compiled on the House floor during roll call – using his iPad.
A Politico photographer captured Tim Huelskamp, a Republican from Kansas tapping his iPad during the roll call. Boehner had removed Huelskamp from a committee for refusing to cooperate, and he in turn was checking off a list of names of other Congressmen he thought might join him in voting against Boehner.  It was reported by Politico that the list was titled, "You would be fired if this goes out."  Only those involved know if any of the Republicans on the Kansas representative's list knew of its existence.
Perhaps Huelskamp anticipated that some poor aide would risk getting ‘fired’ and let the list become public. Perhaps he simply wanted to organize his battle in the most convenient way possible – on his mobile device.