Thursday, November 14, 2013

Apple May Release The iWatch In Two Screen Sizes

According to DisplaySearch, a supply chain analysis firm, Apple Inc. is planning to release an “iWatch.” David Hsieh, an analyst at the firm, says that Apple will be releasing the new product with two screen options to choose from. According to Hsieh, the iWatch will sport an OLED display and will come in a 1.7 inch screen size for men and a 1.3 inch screen size for women.
If Apple Inc. is truly working on an iWatch, and all indications are that this is the case, then branching into wearable computers is a whole new market. This will be the first time Apple has gone beyond making accessories that compliment consumers’ clothing choices, and actually added something to the wardrobe.

iWatch Rumor Mill
iWatch rumors have been making the rounds for quite some time. However, up until now, there has been no indication that the company was actually planning to launch such a product. According to Apple Insider these rumors have “picked up significantly in 2013.” The report goes on to say that Apple has “a team of more than 100 employees working on the project and has snapped up industry experts in fashion, wearable devices, and fitness throughout the year.”
It appears that the iWatch will be more than just a watch, or a wearable iPod. The smartwatch will feature a full arsenal of biometric sensors, and it is even possible that the iWatch will function as a standalone product, rather than requiring it to be linked to something else. This watch will be a direct competitor of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch manufactured by Apple’s biggest competitor in the mobile device world.

iWatch Benches Apple TV
Last year rumors of Apple Inc. attempting to work out a deal with cable companies to market its Apple TV as a standalone product were making the rounds. While it was apparently true that Apple was trying to create such a deal, it appears that all of that has been put on hold in lieu of the iWatch project.
According to Paul Gagnon, another display search analyst, the choice to focus on the iWatch is the best one due to consumer interest waning in a television product. He said, “Indeed, the existing Apple TV box may be an impediment to Apple’s success with a smart TV product, which as a category, is not growing in the U.S. as man had hoped for. Our most recent smart TV forecast is that they will only account for about a quarter of TV shipments in 2013, and grow very slowly from there, with the focus on low-end premium models.”

iWatch Is Coming

iWatch will most likely be announced early next year, and then launched later on. For now, Apple Inc. has yet to confirm the development of the product, but we all know that just because the Cupertino tech giant doesn’t admit to having something, doesn’t mean they don’t. Until the iWatch is announced by Apple, we will have to simply keep checking the rumors out. Some will be true, and some will not, but that is why the anticipation builds to such a frenzy with each new Apple product.