Monday, November 18, 2013

iWatch Will Have To Out-Perform Samsung Galaxy Gear

Rumors of Apple being in the development stages of a wearable smart device, which has been labeled the iWatch, have been circulating for quite some time. Those rumors have grown considerably more popular in recent days.

Galaxy Gear Is A Flop
Apple’s arch-enemy, Samsung, released its version of an iWatch in September. The Galaxy Gear was launched amid fanfare and advertising, which led many to believe the device would be a popular piece on consumer shopping lists. However, as of now, the device is a flop as far as sales are concerned.

Since the device debuted at the end of September, it has recorded approximately 50,000 sales. This number is well below what the company expected to sell, and everyone knows it. BusinessKorea said on Monday that the daily sales of the Galaxy Gear are in the 800 to 900 unit range. The publication notes that this is “far below initial expectations.”

Part of the reason for low sales is the fact that many of the initial reviews of the product slammed it pretty hard. The major faults noted in reviews were the high price of $300, the short battery life, and the initial limitation of connectivity with only the Galaxy Note 3. The last issue was later resolved, with support for the Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 2 being added to the device.

Apple’s Plans
According to the rumor mill, Apple will be releasing an iWatch next year. The difference between Apple’s product and the Galaxy Gear is that Apple’s product is rumored to center around the physical health of its owner. With special biometric sensors, the iWatch may be able to offer valuable feedback regarding the medical conditions of the wearer.

All of this is still conjecture at this point, as Apple has not yet conceded that an iWatch is in development. However, the rumor mill, although sometimes missing the mark, is for the most part a fairly reliable source.  If the rumors do prove true, then Apple will have to make sure the iWatch outperforms the Galaxy Gear, or the company could end up with time on its hands.

Tiny AppleBytes will keep you updated as we learn more about the iWatch.