Monday, November 25, 2013

Apple Rumors: iWatch & A larger iPad On The Horizon


The iWatch is a fabled product that Apple buffs have been hinting about for several years. The idea of a wearable piece of technology that can help your fitness routine, provide music, and allow you to check your email without ever causing you to lose track of time, is a tempting thought at the least. Now, there could be evidence that Apple truly is developing such a product.

According to a report by DigiTimes, Apple has tapped the services of Taiwan based Quanta computers to develop the iWatch and production pilots are already underway. The device has been pushed back from the first quarter of next year to the second according to the report because of low yields. Foxconn has also been invited into the project, but the split between the two companies is as of now undetermined.

Jumbo iPad

Quanta will also be responsible for building Apple’s new iPad, which is rumored to have a 12.9 inch screen.  According to the report, the company expects supplies of the larger scaled tablet to be limited due to the fact that components for a tablet of this size are not currently available in the mainstream market. This means there could be a supply constraint until the idea of larger tablets catches on with component manufacturers. The new larger iPad will most likely be used in the education and business fields, rather than for personal home use.

Read the entire report here.