Monday, October 22, 2012

Is Apple Planning To Reveal More Than Just The iPad Mini Tomorrow?

Apple has selected the venue, mailed the invitations, and announced the date for its next big release, and that date is tomorrow. The speculation has been going on for several months now that Apple would be releasing its mythical iPad Mini this month, and many people believe this is the launching event for just that.

However, Apple has arranged a venue for a very large audience this time around, and its a documented fact that they scale their event's seating arrangement according to the size of the event itself. With the number of seats available for this event exceeding 1,000, it's reasonable to assume this won't be a simple single product launch. Rather, this will be an all out festival of Apple products.

ValueWalk will report tomorrow that a refresh for the iMac lineup is possibly in the works, along with the possibility of an iPad 4, and of course, the iPad Mini too. The reasons behind the speculation of an iPad 4 are listed as being related to consumer demand. The market is changing daily, and along with that change, comes a demand for the absolute latest and greatest technology to be released.

iPad Mini will be a great inroad to the lower end of the market, and iPad 4 would be a great way to refresh its top end tablets for current customers and prospective tablet consumers. If this launch goes the way of the iPhone 5 launch, there will not be many surprises. However, I believe Apple may just pull a rabbit out of a hat tomorrow, considering that its shares have slipped since the launch of iPhone 5. It's time for the company to resume its climb toward the $1,000 price target that some analysts have placed on its stock. We will have to wait and see.