Thursday, November 8, 2012

Apple Is Ripe For The Picking, According To Oppenheimer Analyst

In recent months we have seen Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares skyrocket to new all time highs of more than $700, then begin a rapid free fall back down to the current price of $549. As the stock began rising analysts set targets in excess of $1,000 per share on the company, and yet, this seems to be a fallacy in light of recent events.

However, one analyst at Oppenheimer says these dreams of high price targets are not the things of pipes. He points out that now, as the stock is low, is the best time to buy. His assessment makes sense, as the upcoming holiday season is sure to boost Apple's sales figures and revenue. This, in turn, will push the share price back up.

No doubt, the stock will reach new highs over the next few quarters, as the new iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and iPad 4 will undoubtedly dominate their respective market niches. The iPhone 5 sold record numbers in the last quarter, and with holiday sales ahead, it will most likely break its old records. iPad Mini also sold out during its first few days of availability, and with its slightly lower price, the mid and low end of the tablet market could very well become another segment dominated by Apple.

In other recent reports, Apple is making strides in some areas, and losing a small amount of ground in others. Eddie Cue, of Apple was recently named as a board member of Ferrari, which he claims is an honor. This appointment seems to indicate some type of future workings between the two companies, and could potentially lead Apple in a whole new direction of device development. On a slightly more sour note, the Samsung Galaxy S3 beat the Apple iPhone 4S in sales for the third quarter of FY 2012. However, analysts expect iPhone 5 to remedy that issue in the 4th quarter, as holiday sales are sure to give the company a boost.

All in all, the assessment from Oppenheimer makes sense. Apple is a strong company, and has long been a leader in the markets it has operated in. With top quality products and the strength of an amazing research and development team, Apple is set to become even more valuable in the future.