Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apple Inc. (AAPL) "Spaceship" Headquarters Building Delayed Until 2016

Apple Inc. has been planning to move into a new headquarters building for some time now. The design of the new building is more than a little futuristic, having been called a "spaceship" design by some blogs and information sources.

Mashable reports that construction of the new building appears to have been moved back. Apple Inc. originally wanted to be in the building by 2015, but it looks like that will no longer be possible. Apple Inc. reportedly submitted an updated proposal to the city of Cupertino on the 14th of November, according to Bloomberg, and this proposal says the company won't make its original timetable for relocation.

Apple had originally planned to begin construction next year, and had hoped to begin relocating by 2015. However, it now appears that the actual groundbreaking will not take place until 2014, according to reports.

According to the reports, the delay seems to be Apple's fault, as the company has delayed placing its updated proposal for more than 2 months. However, Cupertino's city manager, David Brandt, has said that if residents don't challenge Apple's proposal and the city approves the proposal quickly, then it is still possible to break ground next year.

The new facility was originally announced by the late co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs. According to reports, the original design of the campus has not been altered very much by the updated proposal. The new building will include perks like a gigantic fitness center, and will be surrounded by approximately 7,000 trees.

Apple is making a strong mark in the mobile device market these days. In fact, according to a survey by Nielsen Wire, Apple holds four of the top five slots for most desirable Christmas gifts this year in the U.S. Their iPad,  iPad Mini, iPhone 5, and the ever popular iPod are forging ahead in the rankings, which is pretty impressive when you consider the competition.

It's going to be an interesting Holiday season this year, as it appears that Apple Inc. will have its best sales ever.