Saturday, November 30, 2013

Apple Dominates Black Friday Sales With iOS Responsible For 80% Of Mobile Orders

Apple products were on many people’s must have list for Black Friday deals. While the general public may be interested in purchasing Apple products, analysts have been paying attention to how they are buying their products.

Apple products not only dominate the sales at many retail venues, but also the way people are making their purchases. According to IBM’s Digital Analytics Benchmark group, Apple products dominated 80 percent of the orders made online from mobile devices. The group is a "digital analytics platform that tracks millions of transactions and analyzes terabytes of raw data from approximately 800 retail sites nationwide.”

According to the report, the number of buyers who use mobile devices to make purchases online increased by 9 percent last year. Other numbers of not include that mobile devices now make up 37 percent of all shopping traffic, and a total of 21 percent of online sales.

Apple’s iOS led the charge with more than 80 percent of sales from mobile devices placed from an iOS based device. Apple also dominated traffic for the holiday, with 26 percent. Android, Google’s OS, only recorded 11 percent of the traffic. Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, Blackberry, and other small mobile systems did not generate enough to make note of.

IBM’s researchers also noted that iOS users spent more money than those who purchased via an Android device. In fact, iOS users spent 18 percent more than Android users. The average purchase per order for iOS users was $131.34, while Android’s users spent only $11.35 on average.

Apple has become perhaps the single most powerful force in the mobile industry. With both its own OS and its own line of phones and tablets, Apple has more to offer than Google, Samsung, or any other competitor. The quality of Apple products is perhaps the biggest draw the company has. Owning an iPad or iPhone was once a status symbol; now it is quickly becoming status quo.