Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Latest Rumor About the ‘iPhone 5S’

The word is that Apple may have come up with something new for its next version of the iPhone that is not only innovative but will be hard for the copy cats among the competition to, umm ….copy.

AppleInsider has reported that the ‘iPhone5S’ may contain a fingerprint sensor hidden in its home button. How cool is that? Not only does it enhance security, but just imagine a phone so competent that there is no need for usernames or passwords. It’s being reported that the sensor would also go a long way toward improving Apple’s Passbook app by augmenting the security and authentication of Passbook items such as boarding passes and tickets. Who knows, along with an NFC chip it may be the tool for turning your iPhone into a virtual wallet. How do they come up with this stuff? 

This time it is being attributed to their acquisition of AuthenTec and its advanced ‘Smart Sensor’ that does more than just read fingerprints. It appears that the intellectual property deal is paying off for Apple. The ‘Smart Sensor’ technology may be the marketing feature that once again puts Apple over the top by compelling its fans to upgrade.

And what will come of it when Apple transposes this technology to its other mobile devices? Someday soon you could own an iPad with a home button that can identify individual users.  The sensor would allow multiple users to have their own personalized home screen pop up with a touch of the home button.

This latest rumor could mean a milestone in Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s move to dominate the smartphone market. The company could definitely use a boost in the wake of its recent Maps debacle and the plunging price of its stock in the last few months.