Saturday, December 7, 2013

Apple - Meet The Real "EyePhone"

Google's Android OS may have a leg up on Apple with a new app that has been developed. In this video from Reuters, Jim Drury explains how a group of eye-care professionals designed an application that allows Android devices to be used as mobile eye exam units. This will make the diagnosis of eye problems for hundreds of thousands of people who cannot travel to the city much easier. Third world countries will definitely benefit from this amazing new app!

Siri VS Google Now: Which Is Better?

If you have can't decide whether Google's Google Now voice recognition software is better than Apple's Siri, then this video could help. Watch 50 voice commands put to action by the two programs, and see which one you would prefer to have. This video from Phone Buff demonstrates the ability of these two programs to translate voice commands into action.

Original iPad: Retro Video

Here is a look into the past. This 8 minute video introduces Apple's original iPad in 2010. Viewed alongside today's tablets, the original iPad still holds its intrinsic value.